Seemaa Dhingra is a spiritual, intuitive reader/healer/teacher. An experienced tarot card reader, a numerologist, hypnotherapist and sound healer she helps all those who come to her for help. She practices a combination of modern and traditional forms of therapy healing such as NLP practice, Crystal workshops, Angelic Reiki (she is a Master Teacher), Colour therapy, and Reiki. As she delves extensively into each of these, her intuition guides her further to solve people’s problems in a short and efficient time span.  Over the years she has studied and achieved several certifications like soul plan reading, family constellation facilitation, breakthrough coaching and clinical hypnotherapy. 

When a client comes in for help, Seemaa uses her knowledge on aura and her personal intuition to see how to optimally help the person in front of her and which modality is best suited. This then gives a thorough and comprehensive edge to the healing session. Nonetheless, if a client wants a particular form of healing or modality she goes totally with that preference. 

A Saibaba devotee, Seemaa lives in Mumbai with her family and her dog, Leo. Her life’s purpose is to help people to find their own light and joy within themselves.